O notte [O Night] 2006
1 mvt | 5 min
a cappella

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The Esoterics

About this Piece

A setting of Sonetto CII by Michelangelo Buonarroti (translated into English by the composer) for eight-part chorus (SSAATTBB) a cappella

Text Credit

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Sample Text

O night, O time of sweetness, now that you come in darkness,
You overwhelm with peace all efforts at the close of day;
Whoever sings your praises shows good insight and intention,
And everyone who honors you: an all-embracing mind.
You interrupt and terminate all thoughts that may be tired,
Enveloping them in your dewy shade and utter calm,
And from the deepest chasm, climbing to the highest summit
In vivid dreams you carry me where’er I hope to go.
O shade of death, whose subtle influence is known to quiet
Each misery of soul and every enemy of heart,
You are a lasting and effective cure for the afflicted:
Our ailing flesh will convalesce with your rejuvenation,
You wipe away our tears and put our weariness to rest,
All rage and boredom you dispel for those who lead good lives.