Into the world [Maailmasse] 2011
1 mvt | 7 min
Estonian and English
a cappella

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Premiered by

Northwest Girlchoir

commissoned by

Sara Boos

About this Piece

Ivar Sild (b 1977) is one of the ‘new generation’ of poets responsible for the recent Renaissance in Estonian poetry. While his more recent work addresses ‘coming out’ in post-Soviet society, his earlier work incorporates images of nature and fantasy, much like the poem, Lendhobused [Flying horses], from his first book of published poems, Valimata luulet [Selected poetry] (1996). In Sild’s poem, a herd of flying horses (also translated as ‘Pegasuses’) frolic in a garden with a lone dragonfly. When the horses depart the tulip garden, the dragon expresses his desire to join them on their journey ‘into the world,’ but cannot stomach the risk to his livelihood. So, the dragonfly waits and watches, hovering between the flowers and the pickets, in Sild’s idyllic prison in the optimistic spring.

Text Credit

Ivar Sild

Sample Text

I cannot go with them,
although I also have wings,
for I am just a dragonfly,
and the cruel storms of this world
will break my wings,
and cast me down onto the rocks.
So let me hover in my garden,
between the fence posts, among the tulips,
and catch glimpses into the world.
Someday the flying horses will return:
possibly at night, perhaps in the daytime;
but without a doubt, they will return,
and when they do, the tulips will grow even more beautiful.