I am among them 2013
15 mvt | 24 min
a cappella

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Premiered by

The Esoterics
Schola Cantorum

commissoned by

Lisa Brooks and Travis Mayfield

About this Piece

Setting fifteen poems by Seattle poet Dan-Eric Slocum, for eight-part mixed double chorus a cappella, this work was commissioned by Lisa Brooks and Travis Mayfield in memory of the poet (a friend and Seattle journalist who took his life in February 2012), and was premiered by The Esoterics in the concert AEONIA, in September 2013.  This work will be re-performed by Schola Cantorum on Hudson in February 2016.

Text Credit

Dan-Eric Slocum

Sample Text

VIII. (from Science fails)
There is no innocence in this night of stars;
their appearance and the truth are contrary.
It is the brutal and beautiful annihilation
of cycles and spirals, of worlds.
Every pulse is violent selfishness –
every single one –
through all of the past worlds
or all of those ever to come,
each without end.
They are parsed by an awkward language,
an enormous sense of entitlement
that transcends any tongue.