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Eric Banks

Upcoming Performances

Onomata planêtôn [The names of the wanderers] (2002) and
Tabula siderum zodiaco [A map of the stars of the zodiac] (2002)
performed by MPLS Impulse
directed by Samuel Grace
in the concert series INFINITY AND BEYOND
15 Apr 2016 | at 700pm and 830pm
Como Planetarium | 780 W Wheelock Pkwy | St Paul MN

Voices (2009)
setting verses by Constantine Cavafy
performed by Vox16
directed by Markdavin Obenza
in the concert series MODERN CHORAL
16 Apr 2016 | at 730pm
Trinity Parish Church | 609 8th Ave | Seattle WA

The paths of peace [from Twelve Qur’anic visions] (2007)
setting verses from the Holy Qur’an
performed by Volti
directed by Robert Geary
in the concert series PAGING THROUGH
13 May 2016 | 800pm
St John’s Presbyterian Church | 2727 College Ave | Berkeley CA
14 May 2016 | 800pm
First Unitarian Universalist Center | 1187 Franklin St | San Francisco CA

Current Projects

Aluta continua: The passion of David Kato (world premiere)
recounting the story of the slain Ugandan LGBTI rights leader
commissioned by Tom Regan and John Brown
and performed by Coro Allegro
directed by David Hodgkins
in the concert series WE ARE HERE
22 May 2016 | 300pm
Church of the Covenant | 67 Newbury St | Boston MA